Eartha Gemstone Beaded Necklace


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Enhance your style with the Eartha Gemstone Beaded Necklace, a captivating blend of natural beauty and luxurious craftsmanship. This necklace features an exquisite combination of African Turquoise, Aventurine, Jade, and freshwater pearls, complemented by delicate Czech beads. Each gemstone is carefully chosen to create a vibrant, earthy palette that reflects the beauty of nature.

The Eartha Gemstone Beaded Necklace is finished with an elegant 18K gold-plated pendant and clasp, adding a touch of sophistication to its organic charm. Perfect for any occasion, this unique necklace is a must-have addition to your jewelry collection. Experience the timeless elegance of the Eartha Gemstone Beaded Necklace and elevate your look effortlessly.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: African Turquoise, Aventurine, Jade, freshwater pearls gemstones, Czech beads with 18K gold plated pendant and clasp
  • Length: 18" with 1” pendant
  • Ships worldwide from Vancouver, British Columbia