Delicate Jewellery for Spring

March 21, 2015

Happy Spring everyone! 
Sometimes style is based on instinct, and right now I am feeling drawn to delicate jewelry that feels more feminine. I think its time to wear the simple pendant necklaces layered at multiple lengths for a fresh but personal statement. 
Necklaces tend to fall into two categories: statement and delicate. While statement necklaces stand out and can make an entire outfit, a delicate, more simple necklace can add effortless beauty to anything you wear with it. A more delicate necklace makes you look like you aren’t even trying… you just happen to look oh-so-put-together. 
Remember jewelry is personal, so wear what makes you feel good. With jewelry, you don't always have to follow the trend of the moment. Simple pieces can be trendy for a lifetime. Build your everyday jewelry wardrobe with simple collection of gold and silver pieces. Check out Valentina & Aveline Blog, Vancouver fashion blogger to see how she styles delicate jewellery for different occasions. Her favourite piece from Standout Boutique is the Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings and you can see how she is wearing it with her everyday outfits. 

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